Come Sing With Us

Currently we are located in Broomall, PA.
(on Sproul Road near West Chester Pike).

We hold rehearsals every Monday evening in the basement of St. Marks Church between the
hours of 7:15pm to 9:30pm.
Join us any Monday evening.  
Hear Four-Part Harmony sounds ringing through the air.  The thrill of being part of it all is
breathtaking. We will show you how to take part and feel what its like to form a perfect chord;  
YOU will not be disappointed.
Need a ride?  Call us (610-497-1609)! One of our members probably lives near you.
As a Member:
We rehearse year round every Monday evening.  We perform in and around our local community
several times per month.  In addition, we compete in at least one BHS competition annually.
A Learning experience:
We provide a schedule of exactly what we will be doing on any given evening.  Our members are
expected to show up prepared so we provide "Learning Tracks" on CD for every song.  We also
provide sheet music for those who read music.  
Note that the ability to actually read music is NOT necessary.
Occasional special coaching sessions are also an integral part of how we learn to sing.
Do YOU like to sing but are afraid you can't ?  
Almost anyone's voice can be trained to sing given the proper tools to do so.  We will show you
how YOUR VOICE could sound with proper training.